With all these available resources of hardware and qualified, experienced and skilled professionals Nucleus, is well equipped to undertake any kind of data related challenging projects.
  • Data Processing & Data Preparation.
  • Data Capturing through ICR / OCR /OMR.
  • Examination Result Processing through ICR / OMR.
  • Entrance Examination Processing
  • Reconciliation of Dividend warrants, Interest warrants, Refund warrants
  • Public Issue and Share Transfer
  • Software Development.
  • IT Consulting
  • Human Resource Supply

Operating Systems / Networks
  • NOVELL NetWare
  • WINDOWS 9x/2000/NT
  • Main Frame Computing Using AS/400

Software Expertise
Operating Systems - UNIX, Novell NetWare, AS400, DOS, Windows 9X/2000/NT

RDBMS                    - INFORMIX, Oracle, Visual FoxPro, SQL-SERVER, DB2 and MS-Access.

Languages              - COBOL, COBOL/400, RPG400, Fortran, C, C++, Pascal,
                                   Java and FoxPro

GUI                         - Power Builder, MS Access, Visual FoxPro,
                                  Visual Basic and Developer 2000

Web Technologies - ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, DTD, MTS,
                                 IIS Server, PWS and Flash

Reporting Tools     - Crystal Reports

In- House Capacity of Data Capturing

No. of Data Entry Machines: 30 PIV / PIII / PII Machines (Connected with LAN environment)

Capacity of Data Entry: 40,000 60,000 Records per day

No. Of ICR Scanners: 7 ADF / Flatbed / Simplex

No. of OMR Systems: 2 OPSCAN - 6 (5000 sheets / hr, barcode reader, pen/pencil reader)

Capacity of Scanning: 40,000 60,000 forms per day

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