Nucleus Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is in position to run its set-up round the clock with its all available resources and manpower, if needed.

  Data Processing

Nucleus, is one of the Electronic Data capture and Data Processing Centre promoted and run by young professionals with diverse qualification and experience in the field of Software Development and large volume Data Processing / Scanned Data Processing including processing of Examination jobs of various Board and Universities.

Nucleus is equipped with latest software and skilled professionals. Organization has spacious and work friendly environment equipped with the latest computer hardware. The centre is well connected with all channels of communication including telephone and email ( ).

Nucleus greatest asset is its team of professionalís. These are highly qualified, educated and trained on different areas related to Information Technology. The day to day operations is being managed by experienced team members, having necessary expertise and managerial ability both operational and administrative.

Software Services

IT Consulting and Technology Strategy

To recognize an inefficient process in your organization is not always easy. Limited scalability, staff familiarity and resistance to change are but a few of the reasons that legacy information systems remain in place, preventing your business from operating at its optimum. To identify processes that would benefit from automation, as well as those that are already working well, is the focus of our IT consulting and technology strategy practice.

Nucleus IT Consulting group helps companies respond to these challenges by leveraging practical, leading edge technologies to transform their business. Nucleus assists companies in aligning their IT investments with their business strategies and transitioning their IT capabilities (organization, process and enabling technologies) into the era of the Data computing and Processing.

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